GBP/USD: the pound stopped strengthening

Current trend

Last week the pair continued to grow and today reached the level of 1.3548 (Murrey [6/8]). By now it has been corrected to the level of 1.3488 (Murrey [5/8]) but may resume growth as the general background is negative for USD. Investors were disappointed that the Senate stopped the discussion of the tax reform and moved the vote from Thursday to Friday. The market is also unstable due to the news about possible dismissal of the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson due to his recent conflict with President Trump.

On the other hand, the pound is supported by strong data on the UK industrial PMI. In November the indicator grew from 56.6 to 58.2 points which is the best value since 2013. Correction may continue if strong data on ISM industrial PMI are released from the USA. However, the indicator is expected to fall (from 58.7 to 58.4 points).

Support and resistance

Right now the pair is trading around 1.3488 (Murrey [5/8]) and is trying to move upwards. The key level for the “bulls” seems to be 1.3549 (Murrey [6/8]). Breaking through it will open the way for further growth of the pair to 1.3610 (Murrey [7/8]) and 1.3670 (Murrey [8/8]). The consolidation of the price below 1.3488 will lead to further reduction to 1.3427 (Murrey [4/8], middle line of Bollinger Bands) and 1.3366 (Murrey [3/8]). Technical indicators provide for correction. Stochastic is directed downwards, and MACD histogram started to fall in the positive zone and broke down the signal line.

Support levels: 1.3488, 1.3427, 1.3366.

Resistance levels: 1.3550, 1.3610, 1.3671.

Trading tips

In the current situation buy positions may be opened above the level of 1.3550 with targets at 1.3610, 1.3671 and stop-loss at 1.3510.

Sell positions should be opened below the level of 1.43888 with targets at 1.3427, 1.3367 and stop-loss at 1.3520.